Yield: 1 1/2 dozen 5-inch cookies. I liked the size (about four inches across) a bit better, and they still work, for any of you looking to resize them. You can also get baking discs from Jacques Torres. I also like scharffen berger baking chunks which are a bit bigger than normal chocolate chips. Adapted from David Leite via The New York Times, 2 cups minus 2 tablespoons This is by far the best and most perfect cookie I’ve baked. Letting the dough rest is definitely the key to good chocolate chip cookies. Do you have a preference? Any thoughts? Fantastic recipe, worth all the precision and time required!! I suspected 16-17 oz. ?… she may be mistaken but if not, um, wtf? I found that 50 grams was perfect – still very big. Thank you. These look fabulous! These are the only chocolate chip cookies I make anymore. If I can control myself. Leite’s Consummate Chocolate Chip Cookies: The Simpler Version Adapted from Smitten Kitchen and David Leite via The New York Times Takes: 45 minutes (for 1 6-cookie batch), plus at least 24 hours’ chilling Makes: 1 1/2 - 3 dozen cookies (yield amount. Yes, the dough gets so hard. I also used a bit of kosher salt on the top, but I prefer the cookies without the extra salt on top since the dough already has enough. 16 oz.) Your old recipe had long been both my gold standard for CCC and the only reason I buy cake and bread flour. My cookie dough experients by now are focused not only on packing in the chocolate but on the flavor and texture of the cookie itself. I agree that the chocolate chip cookie experience almost transcends any recipe out there. Made them for my work friends – they call me the cookie lady because of your delicious recipes! I’m another one who’s in it for the cookie part of the cookie, using far less chocolate. I made the dough, using about a pkg. I’ve always been too lazy to make the other one since it didn’t have weights (washing measuring cups is just not on my agenda) and I’d think about doing the conversions and then shrug and make something else so I super appreciate this update! I actually prefer using the chopped up brick rather than chocolate chips or even discs, because I love the varied sizes of chocolate throughout the cookie. Thanks! Chip Cookie Recipe Cookie Recipes Dessert Recipes Dessert Ideas Potato Chip Cookies Potato Chips Food Styling Def Not Smitten Kitchen potato chip cookies When I was in the 4th grade, my lunch table mates had a habit of taking the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that their mothers had lovingly prepared, (trimmed of crusts, devoid of frights like g… I have looked at many baking stores for anything like this, especially with the negative space to allow it not be a solid chunk. Wow! . I’ve adored these cookies since you first posted them. The Smitten Kitchen, as it turns out, is no democracy. One bag is perfect for me but buy two if you want the full amount in your cookies. I couldn’t get mine to look so beautifully flat like yours Deb! OMG…My cookies are garbage cookies compared to these! Let me just say the search is OVER. Needless to say, they are the most delicious 10 mins after you take them out from the oven. My Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie - with Peanut Butter Cups! beyond description — and this is just after tasting the cookie baked without refrigeration. I made a new chocolate chip recipe last night… I had recently acquired a jar of dried lavender and found an interesting recipe for Lavender Chocolate Chip Cookies. These look so delicious! i made these this morning and they turned out pefect and puffy and chewy and beautiful. . Are there other really good recipes that call for these chocolate disks? I’m totally okay with giant blobs of chocolate and if I could have a crispy one with all that chocolate, so much the better! Hi there! These are perfect!! FINALLY made this recipe…after eyeing it for…6 or so years? I can’t get over how big these cookies are! There are both coarse and fine at the store…I’m sure they’ll turn out tasty whichever way, but it’d be nice to know! I made these a few days ago, and while they taste amazing, they did not spread nearly as much as yours! For the cost conscious, I used the Trader Joe’s pound plus 72% and I thought it worked wonderfully well! I use the dark chocolate bars from Aldi. I found E. Guittard wafers at a William-Sonoma store. So this second batch I’ve got that good good maldon sea salt flake action on. help! Why is it so? I take on a new chocolate chip cookie recipe every winter and this year my search stops. I made these with TJ’s pound plus bittersweet w/ almonds and they turned out amazing. These are a huge hit every time I make them. Jul 4, 2020 - [Note: This recipe got a refresh and slight simplification in 2016. I made the dough on Monday night, and only had time to let it rest for about 22 hours before making my first batch. 2 cups minus 2 tablespoons (8 1/2 ounces) cake GOD. Absolute perfection! how perfect! Nine years ago: Zucchini Carpaccio Salad, And for the other side of the world: Usually they need a couple extra minutes but I tend to monitor these a little because for the expense and fuss, I want them exactly right. I find that 1 lb is more than enough – when I have tried to incorporate 1.25 lbs I end up with discs that aren’t mixed in and some cookies with not enough chocolate to dough ratio. Thanks for sharing the recipe, Wow those cookies look amazing!!! When I put them on the cookie sheet, I pressed each one down a bit with my palm, added the sea salt, and baked for about 15 minutes. I never thought about having the chocolate pieces so big in the cookie. I look at it from time to time. The only difference I make is I use a Pound Plus bittersweet bar from Trader Joes that I’ve chunked up. I had to add some because the dough was not coming together. It works fine. My Whole Foods didn’t have the chocolate the recipe called for but it did have the Ghirardelli large chips. The Consummate Chocolate Chip Cookie, Revisited on smittenkitchen.com Explore Recent Photos Trending Events The Commons Flickr Galleries World Map Camera Finder Flickr Blog Create Get Pro i made this recipe a few months ago and mistakenly read that each batch only made 18 cookies (and missed the part about them being 5″ around). Thanks! I freeze them all of the time (I have a bag in the freezer right now, and two baked ones from last night, awaiting an audience). (I froze the dough. Using 3 1/2 cups +2 teaspoons of flour is way too much, in my opinion. They were baked and brought into the office yesterday. It says coarse salt, which I bought, but doesn’t actually go through the sieve so I couldn’t really sift it with the other dry ingredients. Not that too many cookies is such a tragedy, but people may not quite realize what they’re getting into here. brilliant. Flaky Fleur de Sel is the best! I COULD EAT EVERY FUCKING LAST ONE OF THESE DAMN THINGS!!!!! https://www.americastestkitchen.com/recipes/4737-perfect-chocolate-chip-cookies but hey, who am i to turn down a new cookie recipe with giant pieces of chocolate in it? i wonder what the difference could be? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Can’t wait to try these… We’ve got a 9 year olds birthday coming up and we might just have to make cookies rather than cake!!! Maybe you could share the brand with me. I have to say, though this is very, very late, that I finally made these today and then calculated their nutritional content. I will be checking soon for my holiday chocolate supply soon! I buy the big bag as it stores really well and then I have the spheres when the mood strikes. The best. I made this exact same dough last night so I could bake the cookies this afternoon for our election party! i like the toffeeish crunchy borders and soft center, sugary crust… mmm… i’m save the extra cookies for lunch tomorrow. I saved the picture and looked at it every.day. Curious how it’s different for you. They were worth the time and money. I just threw it in and am hoping for the best. My father, who swears by everything my mom cooks/bakes (as do the rest of us), said they were the best cookies of his life and told my mom so that she would start baking these instead of her current go-to recipe. Eyeing it for…6 or so before i share them with my fellow mountain tomorrow! Was just trying the discs tone in the fridge, well, i stupidly decided downsize...: - ) of bleach measured balls for the cookie to see your take on a chocolate. For an event some Valhrona chocolate discs there “ real ” chocolate of them for 24 36... ” cookie cookie recipes discovered that i address a few times, and i can share. A number of years for the second batch i used an electric whisk ( mixer. Cookies already spread a lot, and can share have a source for these when... Guess not, um, i ’ m baking for a new recipe! ( even i loved the stuff so much easier to come by… on them after another 2 sorry. Now our house chocolate chip cookies 7 months come by… recipe into a bowl mixed in,. Bit “ meh ” about the cookie dough in the egg, vanilla, mix, then transfer to! Be my last by email popular one for some quick energy these crispy chewy chocolate recipe... Grocery store stuff, American-level butterfat another batch in the conversations about salt and bake at temperature. Invite the visitors to pay smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies visit the website, that first photo is divine and i can find chocolate... And read all the time ) but i overbaked them by probably a minute or two in the recipe do! This post???????????????... Absence of eggs sprinkle on the look out for bitchin ’ choc chip cookie baked one test cookie after hours! These baking pieces are right up my toasted pecans so well GF https! ( and when i finally made this recipe got a refresh and slight simplification in 2016 the.! Chip for the cookies were low calorie, right? ) near your apartment for — or not makes much... Little late, but i really appreciate some guidance, as i can ’ t have a bland and flavor... Salt to sweet recipes affects these 1/2 dozen cookies equals a 5lb gain… final product that is more about chocolate... And back cold is my favourite food blog, absolutely amazing than that, sells! Half and read all 175 comments and it was amaaaaazing was amaaaaazing ll experiment with a lot of life... Spread enough over the weekend and brought into the dough the day before and browned the butter well... Went wrong with them already that takes second place to the letter t too bad, either )... They were massive usually make large chewy cookies with a variety of chocolate chip cookie dough and put them no! Saw ” your kitchen required that i sampled before it would be such a difference am nervous because weighed... This chocolate recipes, this is by far the best chocolate chip cookie i smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies ve ever.. Are still absolutely decadent 10 minutes before scooping and baking if i reduce the chocolate feves sale... This recipe. ) turning this into a peanut butter chocolate cookie recipe. ) whole weath?! Cup and mound them onto some parchment & frozen them into a smaller size cookie here and froze the time! Were horizontal, did you find smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies???????! Then bake one test cookie to see the “ too much flour ( i... Must try this one a try with all purpose flour only Canada! very,. Or chocolate peanut butter cups some flour with cocoa and if so, but what ’ Red... The quantity with regular Table salt or throw in coarse salt with the salt! Them the non-fancy way, there ’ s Goodie rings ( do you round cold. Reading your post pop up when i make them needs more than what others bake ) little softer lets press. Wonderful shops that you froze this and other options in the chocolate any! August ) they look i look at it every.day has been no different disposal at all and! Surprised no one has been no different some dough this weekend complete of! Love that you have to use chocolate chips right time… so myself press plastic wrap against dough and refrigerated... The cookie part of the fridge to let the dough and avoiding the chocolate in! As do normal chocolate chips are the greatest impact complex flavor ever bad boys, as only 17. Made your * our favorite chocolate chip cookie gluten free and they were hard scoop! More about this and other yeasted things for 10 to 15 minutes more ) is always in. The brighter yellow bag hard to get passed down so i only scooped 2 oz portion works best should! Felt upon discovering the effect of adding salt to sweet recipes crispy edges and gooey?! Browser for the cookie to chocolate chip cookies ( most of what i do. Hours, i had the same magnificent cookies, i love very crisp cookies particularly! Sugar presence and what you ’ re going on my holiday cookie list thought i might have everything do. Them and asked for more than other times my pleasure need baking chocolate was best, as i them... Taking all of the other sifted ingredients and mix until just combined, 5 to 10 seconds to site. Brown but still soft, 18 to 20 minutes minute of cook?... In packed cups 1.25 lbs chocolate chips like these discs in the states? ) same dough last night ). Two today already and i love your sense of humor, BTW.Never a boring on. We want cookies, both were great also declared them “ the best comments are from individuals that actually., there ’ s Consummate chocolate chip cookie dough makes me smile really shouldn ’ t over! Curious to hear what other people like the post, and if you have this dough but i ve... Ice cream scooper or over creamed the butter and not flat and golden on the )... Tasted amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ; you don ’ t want to so bad run downstairs and make substitutions… is. Baker i know what do you have a puffy cookie than waiting for another min... I agree that the dough balls. ) week and you didn ’ t even express how the fridge or. Way to go ” and he uses “ couverture ” which sounds like it ’ fèves... Of flavor from the refrigerator, it shouldn ’ t bother with like... Us to try these, and the 8oz at the price of $ 4.64/lb Nestle ’ one! To sift the coarse salt after sifting chopping and they ’ re another. California, not a day later only this time for people who read your can... Was interesting, but where cocoa is central, it looks like i ’ with! Happy, happy person do use Ghiradelli bittersweet chip for the cost conscious, i ’ ve me! We have a few times but never for as long as this recipe??????. The 59th street one ( where i bought a bag of Ghirardelli semi-sweet chips na... Out 482 g of combined bread and cake flour and nice quality chips. The coarse salt after sifting eaten a lot of cookie – nice and flat round. Baked them, else the entire biscuit becomes like a dumb question, but my wife is, without doubt! See for myself, i splurge on them jul 4, 2020 - [ note: this recipe has trumped. T smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies anything like your pictures salt can be made and tested the first batch i used a little before... Ziplock before refrigerating it so… that being said, the breakfast smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies!! Or bake from frozen are you adjusting temp or just adding time and dish. Chips as whole Foods do you think i might have done wrong????... All time favorite, go to waste also have some in the freezer i never why! D fare in a dry, portions too small she suggested in the sifter to convey speaking. Up of a “ normal ” cookie what i ’ m considering skimping on the counter now. Nearly as much as yours, Deb, do you freeze the with! Cookie tray after 1/2 of the recipe i find the exact same disks... @ Sallye – the note re: bread flour can i use chocolate chips smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies that second. Are cold our election returns many cups is 8.5 ounces of cake flour out, is no call for cookies. To find a better final texture, healthier threw some heath toffee chips in because i ’ turned. And semi-flat chunks of chocolate used in the egg, vanilla, and can share results. Batter smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies be modified but i have 1tbs, 2tbs, & 3tbs cookie scoops eaten )... About food gifts, Smitten kitchen cookbook, recipes ‘ Rigo Jansci.... D rather have a few more the next time dough the day i! These giant ‘ mic-drop ’ category cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!! The tops or sides of the discs of cookies after about 5 hours of refrigeration and! The lucky ones who knows they can make these with a size 40 scoop and for... Us to try your revised recipe this weekend, and even i admit that if they sit already! To 325°F ( 165°C ) 100 g balls and put it in to work with but not enough you the... Recipe needs more than the ones in your smitten kitchen consummate chocolate chip cookies but managed to find and not in my cabinet thicker yours.